How to Start and Build a Successful NGO: From Developing a Vision to Implementing Your Fundraising Strategy

1. Understanding the basics of an NGO Over the past few decades NGOs have gained significant popularity as the third pillar of development and have … [Read more...]

1.1 What is a Non-Governmental Organization?

Historical records suggest that the term Non- Governmental Organizations (NGOs) came in to use in 1945. The term was coined during one of the … [Read more...]

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1.2 Functions of an NGO

NGOs worldwide perform a wide range of services aimed towards human wellbeing and social welfare. These organizations relentlessly work towards … [Read more...]

1.3 Fundamental Principles/Values of an NGO

Successful people and organizations follow certain set of rules that helps them grow and sets them apart. These rules are the fundamental principles … [Read more...]

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2. Starting your NGO

Starting an NGO is a time consuming process and requires a great deal of research, discussions, paper work and expert advice. So before investing your … [Read more...]

2.1 Research

Research is an essential ingredient for the success of any project, be it taking admission into college or preparing for a job interview, you cannot … [Read more...]

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2.2 Setting up an effective Board

For the smooth functioning of the organization, it is important for you to establish an Initial Board of Directors. The Board members will constitute … [Read more...]

2.3 Establishing the vision and mission for your NGO

Once your initial board members are finalized and you have discussed with them your preliminary ideas about the organizations, it is time to establish … [Read more...]

2.4 Writing the article of Incorporation

Article of Incorporation provide legal description to your NGO by establishing the existence of the organization as per government rules. The articles … [Read more...]

2.5 Developing the By-laws

By-law is a rule established by an organization to regulate its activities and manage internal affairs. Well defined and clear set of by-laws provide … [Read more...]