Understanding Capital Campaigns

Most of those associated with the Finances in a NGO would know that budgeting is not just about the project being implemented for the donor, but also … [Read more...]

Storytelling for Fundraising

Stories are powerful tools that define human development, culture and traditions. They have the ability to engage, motivate and inculcate positive … [Read more...]

A. What is storytelling?

All of us have grown up listening to stories of one form or another, some mythological, some fictional and some real ones. A story can be simply … [Read more...]

B. Storytelling and Fundraising

Fundraising requires meticulous planning, painstaking research and great deal of effort. At times the process of proposal writing becomes so technical … [Read more...]

C. Importance of Storytelling in Fundraising

Storytelling is gaining wide popularity amongst various sectors. Stories are an important tool not only in marketing but also have a huge role in … [Read more...]

D. Key Elements of a Story

A story is composed of a few elements that make it complete and effective. While writing a story for your NGO remember to have the following … [Read more...]

E. How to Gather Stories?

All your stories are there in the field/project site. You will have to talk to your field staff to help you in capturing the best stories. But before … [Read more...]

F. Tips for good storytelling

When writing a story for fundraising it is essential that you have the following integrated within the story. Is time bound: Your story should … [Read more...]

Financial Management Basics for NGOs

1. Introduction Financial management is crucial for the success of any organization, be it private, government or non-government. Successful … [Read more...]

2. What is Financial Management?

Financial Management is a vital activity in any organization. It is the process of planning, organizing, controlling and monitoring financial … [Read more...]